Хорошее такси для уважаемых людей

Компания «Автолига» предлгает только автомобили высокого класса.

“Мерседес – не роскошь, а комфорт”

Такси Мерседес - особое такси большого города

В этом мире есть два типа автомобилей - Mercedes-Benz и все остальные

Такси Мерседес - быть первыми по призванию

Время невозвратно. Проводите его с удовольствием

Такси Мерседес - комфорт в ритме Петербурга

Верные друзья и надежные проводники по жизни

Такси Мерседес - один раз и на всю жизнь

А наши цены будут удивлять Вас снова и снова

The Taxi Mercedes - transfers in St. Petersburg.

If you are going to stay in Saint Petersburg for the first time, or you visit this city on a regular basis, and you don’t want to waste your time, we recommend you to use our transfer services in St. Petersburg.

 We will meet you with a personalized sign in Pulkovo airport or at any one of five railway stations in Saint Petersburg, and take you quickly and with comfort to any required destination. We offer fixed rates for transfers to any city district. That is why it will cost you less to use our transfer services than to hail a cab directly at Pulkovo-1, or Pulkovo-2 terminals.

 Besides passenger meeting services our company offers convenient transfer services to Pulkovo airport or any railway station.

Our advantages:

  • new, comfortable Mercedes E212, S221,Viano cars;
  • polite drivers with presentable appearance;
  • fair prices;
  • passenger delivery/meeting in the safety zones in Pulkovo airport or at any railway station of the city.

A client can secure a car or a driver to make further trips around Saint Petersburg, or to travel back to the airport or railway station.

            For transfer purposes we use only unbranded cars (without ads, logos, and any taxi identification signs). To access safety zones temporary taxi identification signs are used.

To order transfer services in St. Petersburg, or to get more information about our terms and rates, please call us at (812) 326-00-00